Nov 9, 2022 • 16M

Natural Doorways Meditation

discover your favourite way to meditate

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Vaishali Iyer
Guided meditations and introspective practices to connect you with your Wise Body. Explore and discover your ways into a richer and more embodied experience of life.
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This is a guided practice recalling a moment in your life when you felt:

  • deeply alive

  • relaxed

  • at peace

  • in awe

  • connected to something greater

  • at home in the world.

A moment like this is your ‘natural doorway’ into the meditative state: a gift from your past worth exploring and savouring.

When the unforgettable calls you—
The memory of something noble,
Generous, inspiring,
Accept the gift. 
Savour every detail.

The beauty we admire
Is a visitation from another moment,
Infusing body and heart.
Memory transports us beyond time and space
Into the living presence of wonder.

—Radiance Sutras 96

Anything and everything can be claimed as a natural doorway. These images represent some of mine:

Heart Rules
Bekka Mongeau
Taryn Elliott

What are yours? Use this practice to nourish and refresh yourself, and feel free to share your natural doorways with me in the comments below.

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